I am a mixed media artist from Gothenburg with a master degree in behavioural science. I like to be on the border of bad taste and would never intentionally create anything that is just beautiful. To me, art aswell as people have to be a bit off to be interesting. 

Art has always been a big part of my life and is something I need to do to stay sane. I work with lots of different materials and it´s important for me to feel free in my art and to experiment. I don´t want to limit my identity as an artist or as a person. 

I am mostly self-taught but I went to art school for a year and have also studied print making and art history. My art is inspired by the media, pop culture, street art, religious iconography and my fascination for human behaviour. When it comes to colours and textures I often find inspiration in the unwanted details of the urban environment, like pealed off stickers, chewed gum, rust and mold.

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